I’m writing this on my lunch break and I just had to sit down and share this recipe with you – nothing I invent ever turns out good EXCEPT FOR THIS. I’ve neglected this blog a bit recently and want to try posting about a wider range of things; if you’re a fan of the […]

Currently back from the gym and crawled into my bed because THE RAIN. What is this humidity? I’m going on a date (2nd date 😉 ) tonight and I’m already panicking about what to do with my hair. I’m going to have to use about nine different serums. I haven’t written a post for a […]

I’m about to say a sentence that you probably never expected to hear: there’s a new Japanese/ Peruvian fusion restaurant on Clapham High Street and it’s SERIOUSLY DELICIOUS. Mommi is the latest raw bar and grill that cooks up the freshest Ceviche and Chirashi sushi, with a healthy side of LA interior and art. I […]

Last week, I won tickets from Glamour Magazine to go to the Magic Mike XXL premiere in Leicester Square; and there’s no better opening sentence to anything I’ve ever written. I spent three days deciding how to best go about touching Channing Tatum’s abs without being thrown out. A further three days deciding what to […]

Disclaimer: This post is a genuine and honest opinion. I know it might offend any of Kayla’s army that read this. Please don’t throw your foam rollers at me, I only wanted to give my true thoughts. I’m all for sisters doing it for themselves, but this version just isn’t for me. Ever since September of […]

1.Try and avert your eyes. Be very wary of direct eye contact on the tube, I accidentally did that with a grown man who was crying earlier and he looked so ashamed that I’d seen him. It made me feel sad and made him sadder. Just don’t do it. If it’s late at night and […]

This week a painter was in our flat, brightening up our windows (and no, it was not the window designer from Monki, but a very sweet old man from Romania). The only words he spoke to me were either “paint”, “sponge” or “yes”. Until one fateful afternoon when I was just minding my own business, […]