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I’ve turned into that person where you see someone you haven’t seen for a while and they say to their friends “this is Katie, she is STILL single despite being amazing, she has the BEST, most magical dating tales!” Except, they don’t say it like that and it’s more like “hahaha her dating life is […]

Red, Red Wine

I wrote this in December 2015 and never hit ‘Publish’. So I’ve hit it now. Enjoy! December is a funny time of year. You feel like the entire population breathes a collective sigh of relief; the year is over, the next year is about to begin, you can drink with complete, reckless abandon and stuff […]

The Magic of Mike

Last week, I won tickets from Glamour Magazine to go to the Magic Mike XXL premiere in Leicester Square; and there’s no better opening sentence to anything I’ve ever written. I spent three days deciding how to best go about touching Channing Tatum’s abs without being thrown out. A further three days deciding what to […]