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  The weekend before my 25th birthday – which was on the Monday – I had a picnic on the Sunday with all my Friends. It was super nice, I spent £50 on snacks and I drank myself into an absolutely gorgeous state. A lot of people had work but oh no, not me, I […]


I’ve turned into that person where you see someone you haven’t seen for a while and they say to their friends “this is Katie, she is STILL single despite being amazing, she has the BEST, most magical dating tales!” Except, they don’t say it like that and it’s more like “hahaha her dating life is […]


A very belated Merry Christmas/Happy New Year from me to you. Truth be told, I didn’t post before now because ever since January I’ve been victim to the classic January Blues. Until this year, I’d never really experienced them like this. It has genuinely felt miserable. It’s included a few bouts of (sober) public crying, one […]


A few weekends ago, I went to Berlin. I’ve always said that I’m not that interested in going. “Berlin?….nah” was often my response – and I don’t know why. Because I flew back to London hating the fact that I was leaving and when I got back to work on Tuesday they asked me how […]

The Mastee Becomes The Master

It’s not easy to sit here and write these words, but: I have always been a giver upper. I’ve started this sentence and erased it a few times and spent a few weeks coming back to it and leaving again. At school I had dalliances with the violin (one lesson), the guitar (several lessons but […]

Monday Munch: Beetroot & Kale Pearl Barley Salad

I’m writing this on my lunch break and I just had to sit down and share this recipe with you – nothing I invent ever turns out good EXCEPT FOR THIS. I’ve neglected this blog a bit recently and want to try posting about a wider range of things; if you’re a fan of the […]

I Feel All The Feelings

Currently back from the gym and crawled into my bed because THE RAIN. What is this humidity? I’m going on a date (2nd date 😉 ) tonight and I’m already panicking about what to do with my hair. I’m going to have to use about nine different serums. I haven’t written a post for a […]