Katie Stalker Talks To…

Something  I wanted to do with this blog last year when I started it, was to make a section where I speak to people that inspire me; I made the page, wrote out the intro, sorted out my first person then completely forgot it ever happened. Does anyone else feel like their brain sometimes just says “No, no, I won’t keep this for you I’ll put it away and throw the key deep, deep into the ocean like the necklace in Titanic”…?

Recently, I’ve been lacking in inspiration. Maybe it’s because the skies are still grey, maybe because my job consists of sorting out fruit for the fruit bowls. But it occurred to me yesterday that this is exactly the thing to get me passionate about things again: speaking to those who are passion-full. No, you haven’t seen that word before. I just made it. Your inspiration starts here.

First up onto the stage is Steph Croft-Simon, founder of nutrition start-up Nom Foods.

 What does Nom Foods bring to the kitchen table?

Nutritious superfood bars which don’t taste like cardboard and are made with organic, ethical ingredients like coconut oil and cacao. We never use any refined sugars in our bars – so the energy you get from a Nom bar is slow release. Perfect for gym, running, cycling, revising, busy days, kids, everyone!

Starting your own business must be very overwhelming – what makes you keep going when you hit a bump in the road?

I like the sense of achievement which comes from building something for yourself. Planting a little seed of an idea and watching it grow into something. This is especially satisfying when what you’re doing benefits people in some way. In Nom’s case – the products are healthy, the ingredients are ethical, organic and plant-based. So, (I hope), me working hard is having a positive impact on the world in some way, as well as my own sense of satisfaction in watching the business grow.

Do you have any tips for those who want to create their own brand, but aren’t sure how?

Don’t wait for the right time, because there might never be one! If you think you have a good idea, you’ve done proper market research, you have a solid business plan and you really believe in it, go for it. Get in there before someone else takes your idea and runs with it! It’s not easy – so make sure you have a good support network around you. Having your own business can be exhausting, thankless and isolating, so it’s really important that you have people around you who believe in what you’re doing.

Who’s your biggest Nombassador?

My family and friends. They are amazing. They buy bars all the time and offer a lot of help and support. I am VERY lucky.

All stockists are listed at www.nomfoods.co.uk and the bars are available in Original, Banana, Cacao & Raspberry and Protein – so plenty to choose from.

VERY EXCITING NEWS – You can now invest in this delicious start-up via Crowdcube. As someone who doesn’t know anything about financial matters (I recently went on a date with a financial reporter and asked him what equity actually meant…don’t think I’ll be seeing him again) it’s very simple to use. What you put in, you get back. Much like looking after a pet. Except instead of licks, you’ll get 30% of your investment back through the Government Enterprise Investment Scheme (your views on Dave aside this is great news). You only have to put in a minimum investment of a tenner; that’s less than lunch if you live in London.

Watch the pitch here: https://www.crowdcube.com/investment/nom-foods-18015

Whether you do or don’t want to invest, please pass it on to anyone you might think would be interested in buying a slice of this cake!*

*Except it’s not cake and won’t give you cellulite.



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