Where Autumn leaves and Christmas begins

Turns out, working and blogging is extremely hard; I take my keyboard off to those who manage it.

Autumn is a strange time of year. There is a whole season that never really feels like it comes into it’s own; a lingering raindrop at the end of summer and a cold wind away from winter. It never becomes winter of course until January, but Christmas is now basically winter. Winter is  Christmas and Christmas is winter; the two are interchangeable. Do you know what upsets me about this? I love Christmas. I love the merriment, the sparkle and the parties where mince pies are canapés and mulled wine is water. I love the food, the shop windows and the thrill in the air of a new Christmas season. But more and more, it comes at the cost of autumn. And it’s time that Christmas turned over a yellow, fallen leaf and stopped hogging it.

I read today that people start considering the Yuletide season as early as August. August?! That’s a month for clinging onto holidays in the south of France not leaning over a fire and singing ‘God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman’.  (I don’t actually do that at Christmas I just wanted to conjure up a seasonal image). I also saw a panicked tweet from someone who hadn’t yet wrapped all their presents. That was two days ago, November 10th. I haven’t even got the money to think about the presents, to then buy and wrap them yet. What’s going on? My Sky guide is full of Christmas films, whilst SOMEONE who was once a good friend of mine, has already watched Love Actually. Turns out, premature Christmas excitement actually is, all around.*

What can I do about this? Well, I’ve already told one friend that as much as I love  Christmas, I feel sorry for autumn. I’ve been thrashing around in leaves and conkers and splashing through puddles (I fell in one the other day, it had a hole underneath. You sneaky mom, autumn). I dressed up as Cruella De Vil for Halloween – use House of Holland ‘Vamps’ nails if you want to have long, red pointy nails that don’t come off for weeks – and I watched fireworks on Bonfire Night from a bench whilst I was ill. Mostly I’ve been enjoying the crisp outdoor air and probably too many hot chocolates. (Why do they ask if you want luxury? When do I not want luxury?)

The John Lewis advert is cute. They’ve animated a penguin and we’re all excited about Christmas even more now. That they’re selling them for £90 upwards is outrageous but sure, in the spirit of Christmas I’d buy it if I had a child to give it to. Call me Scrooge, but ’tis the season to appreciate autumnal delights. Here are my top five recent Instagram pics, as a tribute to our fallen sister.





Autumn1*Ok I did eat a mince pie in October. They got delivered to the office and I was hungry so nothing made sense and everything tasted like mince pie and I don’t regret it, despite it’s premature-ness.

Should we give in to Christmas in August? I would love to hear your thoughts on this x

P.S – I closed this browser and went back to my Facebook feed to see swarms of people posting the new Sainsbury’s Christmas ad, claiming that it is ‘better’ or ‘more tear-jerking’ than the others’. When did Christmas become about who could make more people cry? I thought it was about being charitable and babies and presents and Frankincense. If you want to make me cry, give away your Christmas food for free, to me. Or at least a charity.


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