Blogging Hiatus

I have returned to my WordPress with my tail between my legs. I have not written a blog post for about three weeks. And I’ll tell you all for why: I’ve been working for an Important Magazine in the Big Smoke. I gave in and went to London, chasing the ….somewhat, dream. I’ll save you all (whoever reads this) a long explanation of the weeks and I’ll just pop a few examples of what I got up to/saw/ate over the previous weeks in no particular order.

  • Saw Prince Harry in Whole Foods, he brushed my arm reaching for a coconut water. It was nothing short of a healthy, sexual advance.
  • Interviewed Gok Wan, regretted not asking him what he thought of my bangers
  • Went to the 25th gala showing of Miss Saigon in Soho
  • Ate an incredible steak with my big brother, with free champagne cocktails. Also ate another incredible steak with my best friend, with cocktails again.
  • Had Thai with my old Parisian flatmates in Oxford Circus
  • Got stuck, alone, with no money in Shepherds Bush
  • Got accused of attempted fraud at High St Kensington
  • Got gel nails done in Fulham, twice because they were not good nail-ers.
  • Hosted my birthday evening in Peckham, much fun was had by all except I was three hours late.
  • Bought some new shoes and wore my leather skirt to death
  • Made a great new dog friend at my brother’s house
  • Went to a private opening of a member’s club with a delicious friend in the hopes of seeing Kylie Minogue who never showed
  • Lost my Boris bike virginity in a park 😉
  • Published an article on Kendall Jenner. I mean. Come on.
  • Had the best brunch ever at Riding House Café for a friend’s birthday, I got eggs, pancakes, and then went for an Italian dessert afterwards. Oh and a side order of avocado because I’m watching my weight
  • Hopefully found a new flat to live in everyone cross your fingers
  • Found out who stole my headphones, it was my brother, I’ve barely listened to music recently which is odd
  • LOST my limited edition Oyster card I wrote about in my ‘whats on my dressing table’ post. Cya later Queenie
  • Got far too drunk on a Sunday eating a roast. Drinking a roast #worstbehaviour
  • Bought a new MAC lipstick, ‘Flat Out Fabulous’…and it is
  • I don’t know if anyone’s read this far
  • I’m stopping now. That’s enough. To sum up I’ve had a great few weeks

Now please excuse me, I’m off to have a quarter life crisis because I don’t really know what my next step is. Well I’m moving to London and that’s it.
I’ll start writing this properly when I’m set up in my own abode, with constant wifi. I would like to document my new life because –  I THINK –  it could be full of adventure. Or at least, another brunch.


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  1. Congratulations on your new exciting journey!! Looking forward to more eventful stories.



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