What’s On My Bedside Table?

Whenever I go to someone’s house I am always curious to see what’s either in their fridge, or on their bedside table. It’s nosey, it’s embarrassing when you see their embarrassing cream and they know you’ve seen it and it’s always great to see another person who also only has houmous and old dry chickens in their fridge, because they can’t be bothered to go to the shop. Here is what’s on my bedside table. Minus the embarrassing cream.

My bedside table

My bedside table

Lisa Jewell’s ‘The House We Grew Up In’ – This is my first venture back into reading for pleasure after my degree finished and came recommended by my mum. I’ve only read the first few chapters, but the way in which Jewell delves into the mindset of her characters is already captivating. It recounts the story of the picture perfect family that are rocked by an incident then return to where it all began…I’m sure it’s not the next J K Rowling but I am sure it’s a promising bedtime read.

My ‘hypochondriac’ Mug – A treasured gift from a fellow hypochondriac, I use it for my morning tea whilst I research that day’s symptoms.

Sunglasses – Bought from a vintage shop in my beloved university town of Sheffield, I am not generally careful of my possessions but I am extremely protective over these. I have never recieved so many compliments on sunglasses as with these and I know I can never find them again once sat on. So I’m often scooping them up and keeping them on my bedside table so I can watch over them.

Biba Wallet – I got this for my 19th birthday and she was a welcome surprise. The leather is incredibly soft and I love the classic Biba pattern on the front with the gold hardware.  Unfortunately I have no money to fill it with post-University, but I enjoy keeping my cards in there – including my Bodleian Library card where my photo screams ‘I don’t belong in here’.

Liberty of London Oyster Card Wallet – Given to me by a friend, it makes me feel fabulous. Even more fabulous when I get out my Oyster card that has THE QUEEN ON IT. It’s limited edition and when it popped out of the machine I think I celebrated far too much. I mean, come on. I’m not a wooooo the Royal Family type, but I mean. Come. On.

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette – After watching several YouTubers try this out, I pondered over it for ages. It was £37 from  House of Fraser and I do not regret a thing. I’ve used it every single day and it has all the matte and glitter shades a girl with green eyes can ever need. The brush that comes with it is also really good for a palette brush, and everyday I am grateful it is in my life.

&OtherStories Ring – This shop is the upmarket H&M, also linked with Cos. It is my dream land, where I am in Scandinavia wrapped in a huge scarf, unique looking jewellery and long, lean skinny trousers and a handsome boyfriend. This ring obviously means I’m almost there. It has a silver pattern on the bottom that intrigues me every time I wear it and all their jewellery is nickel free which means, ladies and gentleman, NO GREEN FINGER! No one likes those. Apart from gardeners.

Liz Earle Superskin Moisturiser – Enriched with vitamins and oils, this is really hydrating and contains orange blossom which makes it smell delicious. Like you could eat your own face.

Nom Bar – My best friend – and coincidentally the mug giver – started this business last year and I’ve proudly watched it take off. They are 100% organic, coconut oil based and filled with joyful things such as cacao nibs and oat bran. They are now stocked in Whole  Foods, Planet  Organic, and she has just released multipacks. The website is www.nomfoods.co.uk for those wanting to check out other stockists across the UK – I promise they’re great!

Paracetomol and a bus ticket – self-explanatory. I get headaches, and I sometimes take the bus.

Versace ‘Bright Crystal’ Perfume – My mum’s scent too, this reminds me of her (or borrowing her scarves). It is floral, light and is always being complimented. It’s nice to have a signature scent and though I’ve tried others I will always go back to this. This size is also perfect for popping in your handbag and spritzing in and around you when your date goes to the loo. It’s my catnip.

ASOS Clutch – I bought this for my graduation ball and half of it is mock pony hair. I love fur and I love cobalt blue. It’s a classic, simple design and a great size for either dressing down or dressing up.

Clarins ‘Vintage Pink’ Lipstick – Hydrating, gorgeousness. The perfect pinky nude for my skin tone, I wear this in the day and evening. My mum even strayed from her MAC lipsticks and went to buy this after seeing it. She has great style and has been an influence in my attitude to fashion and beauty.

Georgio Armani Watch – A 17th birthday present, I love him a lot. He is fairly scratched and was recently fixed but is the perfect accessory to my wrist.

Marcell the Shell with Shoes On Book – This is my favourite YouTube cartoon video turned into a book; a leaving gift from the company I worked for in Paris, I was over the moon to realise it was now something I could read and put on my bedside table. He is SO SQUISHY and cute. YouTube it if you haven’t seen it!


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