My 8 Beauty Must Haves

Throughout my perusing of various beauty blogs/ YouTube channels over the years, I always see ‘5 beauty must haves’ ‘3 essential beauty items’ but I haven’t yet seen one with 8. Because it is just not realistic to have just 3 or 5 must-haves. And I found 8 was a push. It’s more like 13. I’m saying this because there are people out there who are proudly make-up free or wear as little as possible. I too have a lot of no make-up days, and don’t feel it is a must have to conform to society’s standard of ‘beauty’. But saying that, it is a must have if you want to look better. I am not sorry in saying that. It – provided done properly and not heavily – can enhance your natural features; a better, more fabulous version of your already fabulous self. So here are my 8 beauty must haves, if you do want to be more delicious.

Clarins Everlasting Foundation in Beige 107

This is my newest in my trials of foundations, probably meant for more mature skin than my own but I love it nonetheless. It’s super hydrating and medium coverage. It’s not super illuminating but natural enough to let your skin’s own glow show through.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

After discovering YouTube beauty gurus Pixiwoo’s range of brushes, I haven’t gone back. The bristles wash easily, retain their shape and are really soft on the face. This particular brush perfectly buffs your foundation into the skin, giving an even finish. I have a few of their other brushes too and always rave about them to friends.

Rimmel Clear Complexion in 021 Transparent

It is essential to own this if you have oily/combination skin like mine; it removes shine and keeps your make up looking swish throughout the day or night. Swept across the T-zone and on the chin, even gently placed over concealed blemishes, this particular one from Rimmel claims to clarify your skin with its natural minerals. I’m not convinced it’s made my skin loads better but it certain exceeds its job as a powder. N.B Always purchase transparent powder rather than coloured – it often is a different shade to your base and no one wants to be that person. Well you can if you want. We just can’t hang out.

Rimmel Volume Mascara Flash in 001 Black

This is the mascara to end all mascaras – I’ve tried loads. Most times I wear it people will ask me if I’m either wearing false lashes or ask what it is. I’ve sometimes kept it a secret, but here you go, it is this one. It’s also so cheap compared to high-end products I’ve used that have had less desirable results. This one dries quickly, removes easily and really does add tons of volume for eyelash fluttering.

Soap & Glory Solar Powder 

This one I purchased recently based on blogger ViviannaDoesMakeup’s suggestion. It really is perfect for summer and winter, with a dual product that flatters any skin tone. The darker side is perfect for contouring whilst the lighter side is ideal for a wash of colour on the temples, chin and collarbone (if ya fancy). Plus the packaging is to die.

Bourgeois Rouge Edition Velvet in 03 Hot Pepper

She completes me. I’ve got other MAC red lipsticks whom I love dearly but this one is perfect for the long day or night ahead. It stays put for houuurs, and with a matte finish looks so clean and elegant. The applicator makes for precise application and the colour is amazing: a really bright red perfect for either the warmer weather or brightening up the cold.

Benefit Gimme Brow

I love eyebrows. I love what they can do for your face, love that they come in different shapes and love their much-highlighted place on recent runways. However, I hate keeping them in place. Mine are unruly and have a life of their own. Whilst I get them threaded and use eyebrow pencil, a gel is a must for me. This one also has a dark tint to it so provides colour and fixture. Ideal.

MAC in Wedge

This eyeshadow perfectly complements my green eyes and I use it most days for an even wash of gorgeous colour across the lid. Blended into the crease also gives a great result, adding definition to my ever fading eyes, that are being swallowed up by fat and age. I’ve always loved the pigmentation of MAC eyeshadows and their lasting power, but I also always use a primer to ensure their longevity.



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