Goodness For Your Ears

Here are some songs I’m currently listening to. They are goodness for your ears and deliciousness for your dance moves.

N.B. I by no means claim to be a music maestro – Taylor Swift didn’t make the list only because I couldn’t choose my favourite.
My friend Munro’s music. He is an incredible sound maker and has just been signed.
Jamie XX – All under one roof raving. Important to have in the car.
Paolo Nutini’s cover of Buzzcocks ‘Ever Fallen in Love’. I went to see him when I was 16. He didn’t open his eyes.
Daisy Ogle’s cover of Sam Smith ‘Not in that way’. Gorgeous cover of a gorgeous song.

Prince – I wanna be your lover
Reminds me of last summer, dancing into the early hours with my friends and never realising it was Prince.
P  Diddy ft. Notorious B.I.G. ,The Lox and Lil Kim – It’s all about the benjamins. I don’t know what benjamins are. Do you?


Me, recently snapped enjoying the music in the club. No idea why I was doing it. No idea why I put it on here. Except it seemed relevant.



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  2. Thanks Harry, I’ll definitely check it out! X


    1. Great stuff, let me know if you have any problems with it!


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